Flu Shots Now Available!


Flu shots are now available at the South Georgian Bay Community Health Centre. If you are a client at the SGBCHC be sure to book an appointment with reception (705 422 1888) to receive your flu shot. They will be available from now until the New Year.

Flu vaccines will also be available at our Elmvale satellite location on November 11th, 2015. If you are a resident of Elmvale and registered with us as a client, contact us to book an appointment.

Why should we get our Flu Shot

The flu is a serious respiratory disease that is caused by a virus that is easily transferred from one person to another by a cough or a sneeze, or just by touching door handles, sink taps or someone's hand.   



A person who has the flu can spread the virus 1-3 days before they even know they are sick and up to 1 week after they begin to have symptoms.  Many of us will have the flu and recover in about 10 days but there are people in our community that will develop severe complications from the flu. Those at risk are the elderly, children, infants, expectant mothers and people with chronic health conditions. The flu shot is safe and effective and the best protection against the influenza virus.

Let's protect ourselves and the people around us by getting our flu shot.  Watch for the arrival of the flu shots at our Community Health Centre.  It should arrive in the next few weeks!  




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